What happens on day of gynecomastia removal surgery?

So you’ve got your finances sorted and a date booked in. But what happens next? you know that you’ve got the answer how to get rid of man boobs. Heres a break down of what will happen. Its worth noting though that this experience is based on getting gynecomastia removal done through a private healthcare in the UK. One thing to do is stop with any alcohol completely as soon as possbile. it will affect the healing and bruising. The removal I had was keyhole where small incesions where made near the armpit allowing a speculum and suction to access and breakdown and remove the fat.

The night before gynecomastia removal surgery

10:00pm the Night before the operation, you will need to not eat so that all food is digested prior to the operation. Most likey you will be given a general anesthetic and be out for the count. You maybe able to have a small amount of water to sip.

The day of gynecomastia removal surgery

You arrive at your appointment and check in at reception. They will clarify all your personal information with you and ask you to repeat everything to make sure they dont operate on the wrong person. Then you are shown through to the appropriate ward or wing of the hospital where a nurse will again go through your details with you then show you through to a room. I went to a BMI hospital so the rooms where very private with a comfy chair next to the bed where someone could sit with you.

A nurse came in about 10 mins after i’d checked in went through my details again and gave me a gown and surgical socks to wear during the operation. The socks are knee length and very tight and they basically prevent blood clotting. Some surgeons like patients to wear them I was told by the nurse.

Next you walk off down various corridors going into a surgical prep area. Again they confirmed all the details. Before I had any anesthetic the surgeon came in and introduced himself – he was the same chap who I had my inital gynecomastia consulatation with. He took some photos to do a before and after comparasion no head shots just a sticker with my initials on it.

The anesthetise introduced himself and explained the procedure. As I’d had an operation about 10 years early and had bad sickness after the general anesthetic I was given an anti sickness ingredient with the anesthetic which worked well. They give you the injection and everything goes black…

After your gynecomastia removal surgery

Next you wake up after the operation in a recovery area alongside alot of other strangers. I was in alot of pain which I said I’m buring im burning (my chest) and was given morphine. I think this was due to saying I was sick before when I had an operation so was not given certain drugs after the gynecomastia removal surgery.

After a short period where they monitor you and make sure that you are ok they take you through back to you room where you can recover from gynecomastia removal surgery. It was a while before I was able to come around and regain consciousness. I was given a IV drip which put fluids back into my system this helped get rid of the anesthetic that was in my blood.

Depending on the gynecomastia removal surgery you have will determine if you have drains in your chest. These are tubes that are inserted into near the nipple area that are connected to a vacum bottle that removes any build up of fluid. You will also be wrapped tightly in gause and badages making sure the skin bonds back with the muscle.

Your surgeon will pay you a visit to check on you and check the tubes are still in place and filling with fluid (and mixture of blood/water) and check you’re ok.

You will be monitored and given different pills to get you through the post gynecomastia removal surgery pain. I stayed in over night to recover. Due to the medication I was not able to sleep which was well needed.

Leaving the hospital after gynecomastia removal surgery

When it comes time to leave you will be given a final assessment from your surgeon and have the draining tubes removed from your chest. These are pulled out and are pretty sore when removed as they lay directly on the muscle.

Can you drive after gynecomastia removal surgery?

I was fortunate enough that my gilfriend was with me throughout the entire process and able to drive me home the next day after surgery. Some people ask whether it is possible to drive home after having gynecomastia removal surgery – well Im sure there are some people that will say ‘yeah its fine’ but I’d advise asking someone to help out (and confide in them if you need to). I personally had issues wearing a seatblet let alone worrying about driving.

You will need a couple of weeks to recover. Its a good time to catch up on all those films that you wanted to watch but never really found the time to. You will have a course of medication to take for 5 to 7 days after the gynecomastia removal surgery.

After about 3 to 4 days you can take off the badages though you have to be careful when having a shower. You will have major issues with bruising. Its horrific. You will have a flat chest for the first time in your life and notice that your stomach sticks out (mostly because you are used to having a top heavy chest). After the bandages are taken off you can go to wearing a compression vest. This ensures that you heal in an even manner. The vests cost around £50 with delivery though there are cheaper options I didnt mess around I got exactly what I was advised to by my surgeon.

You will have to wear the vest for about 2 weeks or so. Its not to uncomfortable to wear under a work shirt. The one thing you cant do though is put it in the washing machine – Its a latex based so needs to be washed by hand. Or course you can try washing it if you feel brave.

I hope this guide for gynecomastia removal surgery was helpful, if you have any questions get in touch via the contact form.