Gynecomastia reducing workout

By | January 10, 2014

If you are suffering form Gynecomastia performing fat reducing exercises can help with motivation. In this clip fitness coach Mike Chang takes us through an all over body fat burning workout that using just dumbbells and only 3 exercises to give a thorough killer workout!

I’ve done this and although I’m only able to do 3 sets with a few seconds rest between sets the results so far have been really surprising. I think is down to using your core which means using stomach, back, legs, arms and shoulders…not forgetting our old friend the chest.

My aim with this gynecomastia reducing workout is to really bring down my body fat so that its around 15% which for me is pretty damn good. It differs from previous isolated exercises I used to do though It will still give very good results. In fact it will be the least amount of fat I’ve had for most of my life.

See how you get on with this work out. It will be tough at first but give it a chance and leave a message with how you got on.

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