Living with Gynecomastia

I’ve been lived with Gynecomastia for almost 30 years. I know how living with gynecomastia rules your life, and can affect the lives of you loved ones also.

For years I lived with gynecomastia without knowing that I had it, thinking only it was fat. I can remember the first time I started to get embarrassed about my chest I didn’t want to take my shirt off when I was 13 and on holiday, I didn’t want to go in the swimming pool when on holiday and I was shouted at by my parents. I was embarrassed about my chest as I thought people would point and laugh at me. It was horrible.

Feeling different, being angry at others for having a normal happy life is something that I’m sure you may identify with. I know I certainly can. Gynecomastia is a curse to some, some are able to not let it affect their lives. For me, it made me the person I am today for the better and the worse. It has been a journey and a curse.

Something I’ve learnt though living with Gynecomastia is understanding the inner turmoil of self awareness and ridicule. You tend to think in a negative way about your own appearance which may have been caused by a few comments…which like end up like a huge mass of negativity that snowballs. Its really not a good thing for yourself or those around you.

Are you living with Gynecomastia? or is Gynecomastia embarrassment

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