How to hide Gynecomastia

Over the years I’ve found many different How to hide Gynecomastia. Some a good and quite confident boosting whilst others are in reflection not the best idea. Never the less I want to show them with you.

How to hide Gynecomastia using Heavy duty tape

This isn’t something I’d recommend at all. I first started experiment with using heavy duty tape back when I was around 15 and had others making fun of me in the changing room whilst getting really for sports at school. I felt so ashamed of how I looked to the extent that I remember sitting in a english lesson at school not doing my class work but instead sitting writing down possible ways to conceal my chest from others. I remember my dad had piles of tapes down in the shed under the house.

Attempt 1

Firstly as a test I remember taking a strip of tape and putting it over the front of my chest. I did two or three strips which felt pretty good and did indeed tape my chest down. I thought I’d get up the next day and put my new found flattening trick into affect before getting dressed ready for school. It worked for about 3 hours before I started to feel it loosen with the moisture from my skin. Had to go back to the drawing board.

Attempt 2

Next I pretty much wrapped the tape around the top half of my bare chest a few times. It was a great result but I found that it came with problems. Firstly I had trouble breathing as I’d wrapped it so tight! I had to run for the bus one day and almost passed out in the process. It was a dangerous thing to do, but I dont think even I knew how stupid an idea it was when I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the tape. My skin flared right up and I was in so much pain. I removed the tape in the toilets at school with so much force that it ripped the skin from my body. I vowed after that that I would never try to stick anything to my body after that.

Attempt 3

This was my most successful way to hide gynecomastia, using the heavy duty duct tape and thick canvas I made a vest that I slipped over my head. I got the sizing right using trial and error, removing or adding more tape. It was perfect. The canvas let my skin breath and I felt solid but not restricted. It was kind of like wearing a bullet proof vest.

How to hide Gynecomastia using Clothing

Wearing shirts with pocket in is a good to distract the eye from the shadowy lumps on your chest. I went a phase of wearing all kinds of checked patterned shirts (it was the late 80’s) which helped alot. At the time I smoked so would put my cigarettes in one pocket with my lighter in the other pocket.

I also found a brand of fruit of the loom tshirts that were dark blue/black made from a thick quality of heavy cotton. Mostly Id go for pain tshirts as I always felt that having a design that stands out attracts attention and the eye. If you wear light coloured tshirts and tops it tend to make shadows under your chest more noticeable.

How to hide Gynecomastia using Compression vests

My understanding is that these are made for post surgery healing garments. Well I for many years wore one of these. It was a vest that had fasteners down the front which gave reinforcement in the place that I really needed. It pretty much did the job of what my duct tape vest did but it was alot more comfortable and I was able to remove it and wash it when ever I wanted to. You can get them from a company called Euro Surgical Limited which sells in the UK and has an over seas distribution order method.

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