How to get rid of gynecomastia

I found that the confidence I needed came to me when I was introduced to weight lifting by my older brother. He had a very slight case of gynecomastia though it was never as pronounced as mine. He taught me some simple exercises which I used to perform every school night at first after dinner which firmed up my upper body and started to build my confidence. As I progressed through college I would go through phases of starting and stopping Weight lifting with Gynecomastia which was mostly down to work schedule and commuting but I knew I was on the right track on how to get rid of gynecomastia.

It wasn’t until I was working full time and in a set routine that I was able to get a gym membership and properly get my diet and training routine set so that I was getting the best results. When I met with the personal trainer I had a review where I went through what I wanted to achieve with my time there. I explained that I had a large amount of fat on my chest I wanted to get rid of (at the time I didnt know I was living with gynecomastia) so he worked out an exercise routine for me targeting certain areas. I worked hard at this, stuck to my diet and whilst I saw alot of weight come off I also developed strong muscles and felt great for it. I still was not able to get rid of my soft chest – though I could feel the muscle underneath.

One day after having a shower, I stood there looking at my physique in the mirror and thought to myself ‘what if I exercised certain parts of my body?’ surely that would start to put my chest into proportion as it sticks out? So, I started to work on my own exercising routines choosing to focus more so on my chest, arms and shoulders and less on my chest. I did still exercise my chest but I stuck to doing more the shaping movements with a full range of motion to try to increase the area of the chest. Given that I had a good year long foundation of working out 3 days a week my body was ready for a change and adapted well to the new work out routine.

I still had gynecomastia though is was mostly hard muscle I still had a soft layer of fat on my chest but it was framed within a powerful pair of shoulders, thick arms and a strong back which made me feel alot better within myself.

There are supplements available how to get rid of gynecomastia that can assist you getting your arms and shoulders in to proportion with your chest which can help immensely with your physical appearance and be a confidence booster. These range from simple powders that increase protein intake through to pre-workout supplements to help burn fat.

How to get rid of Gynecomastia using Whey Protien Powders

What is a Whey? Whey has been around for decades with a firm following in the bodybuilding community offering extra clean protein intake through powder form to supplement your meals to assist in muscle growth. Now you may be thinking how to get rid of gynecomastia with a protein powder? its by simply building a good foundation and promoting muscle growth underneath your chest fat. Of course as you develop muscles in your chest will it not make your gynecomastia even more noticable? well thats the beauty of building muscle – you can exercise and build muscles in certain areas, that is focus more on areas such as shoulders and arms which make your chest just look like youve been weight lifting for years. Some people will reading this and completely disagree but probably were never born with the curse of gynecomastia let alone faced with how to get rid of gynecomastia.

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